Why Braavoo?

Today’s complex and remote workplaces make it difficult to always provide employees with meaningful feedback and recognition. With Braavoo, colleagues and teams can truly recognize each other’s great performances wherever they are and whenever they want. Other cool benefits are:

Keep employees.motivated and engaged

A 'Braavoo' is immediate, positive and visible feedback from.managers and peers - a huge motivational boost!

Get resilient and loyal teams

Positive peer-to-peer recognition forms loyal, resilient teams - they'll stick to you no matter what!

Boost productivity

Positive peer-to-peer recognition leads to an increase of employee productivity, especially in creative and complex work environments

Live company values intrinsically

Link 'Braavoos' to your company values. Sending a 'Braavoo' then also recognizes someone for living up to this company value - there is no better way to establish common company values

Create a positive feedback culture

Users will love sending 'Braavoos' and this creates a positive feedback culture that's respected and lived by your workforce. Something you will never achieve with any culture policy imposed from above.

Reduce employee turnover and costs

Engaged employees are less likely to leave. Keep your best employees on board and reduce turnover costs and uncertainty.

bra·vo, pl. bra·vos*

Used to express approval, especially of a performance.
To shout "bravo." To express approval and gratitude of a performance, a form of saying 'well done.'
Shortened from source: www.thefreedictionary.com