Dear Braavoo-User,

It’s time for us to tackle new projects.
That’s why we have to tell you that Braavoo will be shut down at the 1st of March 2018. We want to thank you for your loyalty and hope that Braavoo brought you and your colleagues closer together.

Also, with the end of Braavoo, all data will be erased.
If you or your company would like to keep your recognition stream, we will gladly send it to you. For this, the account owner has to get in touch with us.

Do you have questions about Braavoo or other topics? Number42, the company behind Braavoo still exists. As an app consulting and development agency, we are happy to help you with any ideas and questions.

Thank you for your loyalty and keep on appreciating great work!

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Today’s workplace is increasingly complex. With Braavoo, it’s easy and fun to acknowledge and truly recognize each others’ great work achievements instantly and wherever they are.

Say 'Well Done' when it matters most

Enhance your routine performance reviews with immediate results-based employee feedback. Send and receive meaningful, positive recognition messages instantly.

  • Say ‚Braavoo‘ immediately when employees, peers and teams achieve something great
  • messages are private-public feedback. Recipients can choose whether to make them appear on the team‘s timeline or keep them private.
  • Never forget to recognize great work again

Truly social peer-to-peer recognition

Braavoo let's anybody acknowledge and recognize great achievements from any individual or team in your organization.

  • Get meaningful recognition from anyone - superiors, colleagues and peers
  • Boost employee morale – because the recognition is direct, immediate and thus impactful

Frequent and concrete employee feedback - for meaningful recognition

Braavoo is a fun and uncomplicated way of saying 'Thank you' - users will get addicted to sending out meaningful 'Braavoos'

  • Frequent positive and concrete feedback increases employee morale and motivation
  • Give and get specific feedback on a certain event, task or job
  • Allocate feedback concretely to individual corporate values


Recognition messages are instantly sent to the recipient and look nice on every device - and can be printed, too!

  • Recognition messages can be printed as a professionally-looking certificate directly from within the platform
  • The recognition effect is maintained in the offline world as well
  • Add a gift card or hand-written personal note to the certificate to make the recognition even more powerful

Easy and fun to use - convenient from any device

Send and receive 'Braavoos' where ever you are - at work, in your home office or coffee shop and even when you are on the road

  • Braavoo is conveniently accessible on the go from any device
  • Braavoo is optimized for any screen experience so it is fun to use
  • Braavoo‘s web app is lean and fast, on-premise installations are possible

Know what's going on in your company culture

A pat on the back from colleagues often goes unnoticed by the organization. braavoo tracks such valuable peer-to-peer recognition and provides valuable insights

  • See who is engaged and who needs care
  • Identify cultural value drivers and destroyers
  • Identify employee disengagement in advance
  • Gain valuable cultural insights to reduce employee turnover and retain top people

Motivate intrinsically and not with money

The more complex and creative you need employees to be, the less monetary rewards will work. Braavoo boosts intrinsic motivation because it's meaningful, honest feedback from the people you care about and from colleagues your work with every day.